Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camaro Cake

My first car was a 76 Camaro with a 350 under the hood. Too much engine for a teenager just getting her license but you couldn't have talked me out of it. Lots of great memories with that car. When Jami contacted me to have a replica of her husbands car (a 76 Camaro of course) replicated for his birthday I knew even though that week was booked I would somehow find a way to fit it in. French Vanilla cake, raspberry filling, and chocolate buttercream on the inside. The lighting in this picture could have been better... yes, a photography class is on my "to do" list! :)

Jami sent this great email, which I truly appreciate, glad the cake was enjoyed!

"Elizabeth, thank you so very much for a wonderful cake! Anthony loved it, he was REALLY impressed by all the details. It was hard to cut it up all that wonderful craftsmanship, but we took plenty of photos. Oh yeah, and it was delicious too! Everyone at the party was amazed and of course asked where it came from, I was happy to recommend Sweetest Perfections to them. It was a truly fabulous cake, thank you!" Jami

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